To-do List
Thursday, 21 May 2015 @ 12:09
  1. Make linguine alle vongole
  2. Make blueberry flax seed granola
  3. Make falafel
  4. Keep looking for oak storage beds that won't cost me an arm and a leg and my left kidney

Okay that's about it I think. Here's a collection of my favourite IG photos.

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Wuhan Part II
Tuesday, 21 April 2015 @ 23:22
Paulo Coelho — 'And, when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.'

Thank you universe. :D My life currently revolves around KTV, waffles, cooking, surprising amount of korean food and beer. Sometimes existential crisis visits quite often. Why is it so free?

Okay back to Wuhan which happened in 2013 wtf.

(Psst click here for Part 1 which has some new photos!!!)

Day 6

We went to Zhongshan Park (中山公园) that day!!! It is half amusement park, half normal park. Entrance is free but if you want to sit on the rides you have to go to the ticketing counter to buy ... well, tickets before you can go on a ride, which were about S$3-4 each.

I miss the weather. T_T

The only roller coaster we went on.

View from the cable car :)

Ryan has a video of the entire ride somewhere.

Ate McDonald's at a mall nearby because I was hungry wtf. Singapore's one is really nicer.

Cabbed to Chu He Han Jie (楚河汉街) next to explore.

Some atas as shit mall (I think it's Wanda Plaza) that we went just to use the toilet lol. Then we went to explore the streets.

Photo by Ryan.

Wow I just googled 楚河汉街 and apparently it is some big deal because literally everything big is there. It houses all the flagship stores of international brands (Zara, MUJI, H&M, Uniqlo), the largest cinema in China, and the largest Wenhua Bookshop in the Hubei province. The Wanda Plaza is also the flagship store. 

Knock off of Lady M lololol. Not that I knew it at that time because Lady M hadn't been to Singapore yet. Wtf.

Gasp! Sephora! Same price though hahaha.

 Chanced upon Madam Tussauds (again, this was before Singapore had one) and of course we had to go. Wax figures!!!

Exterior of the building. Photo by Ryan.

Yes my specialty is taking super close up shots of the wax figurines.


Being a tourist.

Was craving cream puffs...

Also bought macarons because I can.

Entrance to Chu He Han Jie. Had candied oranges. Yums.

Cabbed to Ba Yi Road (八一路) for supper.

Grilled meat and mushrooms on sticks, century egg salad, grilled kangkong and grilled enoki. I had to write all this down in Chinese on a piece of paper to order. Luckily I had the menu to copy from lol.

Best tang bao/xiao long bao sold here according to Ryan.

Just let me eat.


Day 7

Breakfast of champions while otw to Chicony (群光广场).

Spotted a really long queue for cheesecake... so I queued lor HAHAHA this came to Singapore for a while and then died... WHY?!??!?! I LOVE THE CHEESECAKE T_T

Bright pink Christmas tree full of Hello Kitty in October.

Went to Starbucks to eat cake and drink coffee.

Bought the card and realised it doesn't have any cash value stored........... paid 88 yuan for this. It came with a lot of free drinks/offers that we didn't manage to finish.

Major craving for this right now.

Jap curry seafood steamboat

Went back to this Long Long Ago cafe to have dinner. A giant chunk of the day was gone because I went to cut and dye my hair.... hahahahha.

At the 17 degree shop. They turned away customers because of me LOL it was a really small shop.

Ran around various Starbucks in the area... I forgot why. Probably looking for a tumbler.

Grilled fish that was alive a few minutes prior... It was full of tiny bones.

Okay I have a lot of photos for Day 8 thanks to all the flowers at the Botanic Garden so I'm gonna end here for now!!! :)


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