Life is pretty good when you own a (stuffed) bunny called Bunny and a cute betta named Ed. Also, truffle fries are rad.


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It's all about the kaching kaching
Tuesday, 17 February 2015 @ 11:20

It's February and I still don't have a computer ahahaha. Used to it already lor. Anyway hi just got my bonus today so I thought I'd update to remember how long I'd been waiting (3 months, that's a quarter of a year leh!!!).

February has been not too shabby.

Started the steamboat diet, managed to go overseas with colleagues, celebrated my 22nd at Oasia Hotel (I love it I love the room I loooveee ittttt and I love all my presents - PS Vita = Jak and Daxter!!!!!!! Muji cards!!!!!! Handwritten cards!!!!! So touched la guys), CNY is around the corner and idk I'm in a good and happy place. I will find time to blog about my holidays (Wuhan pt 2, Autumn in Korea, Bintan) because I doubt I'll be going on any holidays anytime soon so I'll need this e-escape. Byeeee!!!

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In 2015...
Friday, 2 January 2015 @ 17:54

  • I resolve to question myself more and others less
  • I want to be more patient and less angry (really doubt I can achieve this but must try)
  • I have to save more money
Happy new year everyone :) Snapped out of my moody mood after spending New Year's Eve and the first day of 2015 with all my babes and favourite people. Cannot freaking wait for my bonus so I can blog in peace and post photos. Bye for now~

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