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Goodbye Wisdom Teeth
Thursday, 13 March 2014 @ 13:24

Yeah anyway I have time now because I am on 8 days hospital leave cuz I extracted all 4 of my wisdom teeth!!! It went better than expected because I went cold turkey on heaty food (goodbye fried, oily and/or spicy food) and spammed cooling food and herbal drinks. I think it helps cuz other than a stiff jaw and feeling bruised I'm quite pain free :D

Anyway I have so many things to blog about leh just go see facebook photos la hahaha.

I guess I should write about my teeth. I went to the dental clinic at Toa Payoh's Polyclinic in 2013 and got a referral to Khoo Teck Phuat (lots of good reviews online plus it's a new hospital, nevermind that it's at Yishun). Headed to KTP for a check up (Dr Sylvia Tay was my dentist) and chose my surgery date which was two days ago, 11 March. It was pretty mundane, the entire experience.

No food and drinks past midnight etc, had a mini heart attack when they said I needed to have someone to pick me up or I can't go for the surgery, called all my friends and thankfully some of them could and would make it but I called my mom in the end. SIBEH GANDONG T_T

Anyway, they had to keep asking repeated questions to make sure all the information was correct so that was really comforting cuz I kept reminding myself who I was. Lol. Oh yeah the hospital gown was ass baring so if you are going anyway you always had to wear a kimono. The nurses took good care of everyone and ensured we (the patients) all had warmth and privacy. :') Had a short chat with my anesthetist (yes everyone gets one). Walked to the surgery room when everything was ready and it was so bright wtf. Lied down, got stuff stuck to me and into me (the needle didn't hurt that much yay!), got told to breathe in and out, got high for that split second and went to sleep.

I woke up about 2 hours later I think, wanting to stretch then immediately remembering I was in hospital so I didn't. The nurses were telling me where I was so that was pretty comforting because I was super groggy and disoriented. The drowsiness was just wow. I kept fighting it but realised I had nothing else to do so I went to sleep hahaha. The nurses changed my gauze every hour (OH GOD THE BLOOD it was like menses man).

I think on the second change I was told to rinse, WHICH HURT LIKE A MOTHERFUCKER OH DEAR GOD THE PAIN PENETRATED TO MY BONES AND MY LEGS. Only lasted a few minutes though thank god. I got fed apple juice afterwards so that was awesome. MY FIRST DRINK IN 18 HOURS!!! Anyway other than the first and second rinses there was no more pain of that sort, PHEW.

Got discharged at 4.30pm and my mom arrived just in time to pick me up yay. Paid the bill ($1.4k total, paid $188 by cash and the rest by medisave) and left!!! My mom was quite surprised to see me so normal. Got home, and rested in bed, drank some soya milk before I changed my gauze and decided I didn't want stuff in my mouth anymore after half an hour and realised that rinsing didn't hurt so I was really relieved. There was slight bleeding but pretty much stopped before I went to bed.

Livia Chua came to visit me at night and passed me herbal tea :') Sweetest Friend Award lai liao hahaha.

If any of yall wants to get extract your wisdom teeth I would highly recommend KTP. Best experience ever!!!

Check my twitter and instagram for my meal plans. Pretty awesome so far what with miso tofu soup, egg tofu omelette, cream cheese and miso mashed potato (leaving out the miso next time bleh) and nutella cheesecake pudding. All eaten at around room temp.

I miss hot, crispy, spicy food so much. And vegetables, And noodles. T_T

For entertainment I've caught up on all episodes of Bones, How I Met Your Mother (T_T), My Mad Fat Diary, Suits, 2 Broke Girls, and I've also watched Frozen and About Time. ALL IN ONE DAY.

Last night, Ryan bought me Adventure Time and Spongebob polaroid films as well as delivered my new phone cases hehe.

I shall post some photos and caption them cuz I have so much time.

From Shaun's yacht party in November last year.

Photos from my phone:

(Throwing Dennis off the yacht)

I'll just end this post with a bonus photo of Dennis after being thrown overboard.

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Lunar New Year
Friday, 31 January 2014 @ 00:58
Happy Lunar New Year! :D

Any event that brings people together to eat and drink and gamble and have fun, I like. Nevermind the awkward meaningless conversations with people you only see once a year. Just eat pineapple tarts and bakwa and HUAT. Speaking of pineapple tarts and bakwa my house this year has NEITHER?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??! WHAT THE FISH (new year don't swear). That's it I'm gonna make some pineapple tarts when the shops open. I NEED SOME PINEAPPLE TARTS NOW.

I'm very sad I forgot to renew my passport this year...Gonna miss out on my grandmother's cooking and the fireworks MEHHHHHHHHHH stupid stupid stupid. But it's okay I will visit when my passport is done. Eat all the food!!! Buy my grandparents food!!!

WOW JUST GOT INFORMED THAT OUR M:IDEA PAY IS IN. THIS IS SURREAL!!!! It's been almost a year by the way. I guess this year I never fan tai sui!!! Please let me continue living in peace this year without money problems. Thank you.

If it's not too much to ask I'd also like to stop puking after drinking wtf 2nd time in 2 months not pleasant ah.

I actually have no feel to blog but I said I'd put up a birthday wishlist to make people's lives easier. My mother say I must tok everyone back on my 21st birthday hahaha 友情哪里可以这样算的!!!


  • Crockery from IKEA (basically all the lovely sets of plates + bowls, and cups)
  • Royce Nama Chocolate (Bitter)
  • Vouchers (NTUC, Cotton On, H&M, Forever 21)
  • Innisfree Capsule Masks (Tea Tree!!!)
  • Ceramic/Marble-coated sauce pan
  • Computer/Portable Speakers
  • Cards

I honestly wanted to get a PS Vita last year...but the feeling went away. I hope it doesn't come back. Jak & Daxter you are missed dearly, I will play you again ONE DAY. That's it for now I think. 2014 has been coming along nicely. Three of my dearest friends (Yanhong, James, Gwee) have turned 21 and I have been attending birthday parties non-stop. Happening siala.

Gonna stuff some photos here to make this post look nicer:

From Livia's instagram: Yanhong's birthday! :D
(already blogged in previous post)

James's surprise 21st lovingly planned by Jingyi

Gwee's 21st which was a helluva party, man.

Have a good weekend!

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