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It's LRY's birthday!
Thursday, 8 November 2012 @ 01:36
Happy birthday! :*

We had dinner at Chomp Chomp today (my treat hehe) and we ate these.

Chicken wings $7 and a huge ass cup of $3 sugar cane whoooaaaa

Sambal kangkong

Satay!!! $4.50


Kangkong + sotong + stingray = $27.

From the birthday boy's instagram:

We're very nice and clean eaters :]

Photos from last week~
Stash of food I had which lasted me for a few days. 

Introducing Ryo Yamamoto.

Sometimes he likes to wear make up and look and smell pretty.


Collection of cute stuff including Amira's Hart (the wooden deer) and her kangaroo fur pouch :O

Dinner cooked by my mom which I manage to eat within the day instead of overnight :')

Amount of masks I still have...

Did the tea tree mask a few days ago and I turned into the Hulk.

Was at Central on Monday (5 Nov) because I made him buy Groupon for Freshness burger :3

Gelato waffle from Haato & Co for LRY. The waffles were thick and fluffy and delicious but the ice-cream was meh. Win some lose some~ $7.50! Loved the atmosphere at the place as it was right next to the river and their songs were nice. The only problem was bloody noisy Singaporean aunties...............walao eh.

And then I had ice-cream from the uncle at the roadside. :P

Tuesday (6 Nov) I met up with my Gong Cha dream team for dinner at SP. We had McDonald's lol wtf really. Took photos but all in Keane's phone hello please upload them soon. Talked for a bit before heading home because we're all tired tired people.

I found a camcorder from one of the cupboards last week and have been using it LOL.

Amira's spectrespecs for Halloween last Friday (2 Nov) :D 
Yeeah belated celebration because our school was having Scarefest that day instead of the actual day.



With Inspire (the design unit I am currently in)

My desk :D :D :D

Photos taken in the studio on Friday (2 Nov) because we dressed up :) If I'm not in the photo, I TOOK IT. YAY.
Photo composites of people fighting with themselves

Qiaoyi, Amira and me.

The klix photographers Asyraf and Jayjay!

Jayjay/Totoro sheltering a unicorn/Amira from the rain while waiting for the bus

So adorbs.

Weird Jap girl/Qiaoyi plucking off Amira's horn.

Yeah life's been pretty much the same and I'm happy to report I quite like it. Wake up late, do work in the office till lunch, whatsapp like mad, have lunch, do more work and then realise it's already 6pm. Go to work at Gong Cha or go to LRY's house to nap. Home. Do online shit. Sleep. Repeat. I look forward to the days I'm not working at Gong Cha. Sleep is such scarcity at the moment. Time to get some now.

Peace out bros.

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